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 An alternative to Master Server Patch

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An alternative to Master Server Patch Empty
PostSubject: An alternative to Master Server Patch   An alternative to Master Server Patch I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 28, 2009 8:46 am

better is launching LithTech.exe directly, then AVP2.EXE
(LithTech.exe cmdfile avp2cmds.txt -rez AVP2P5.REZ +gsa 1 +gsa_ip ServerIP +gsa_port ServerPort)
and add CommandLine button to your application.

when i sort servers by Players.. its little weird.. i see first server where is 7 peoples.. second server with 5 ppls, and example on 5 line i see server with 11 ppls..

unfortunately there are not visible players.. maybe is good idea add any button "Players" for see querry (player names, score, race....)

but else.. good work i have similar program but i dont know use master server list in php ..
now i have client where is visible only manual added servers :/
need any php coder

How To see the servers.
* now there is a textbox that allow you to specify custum rez files
* costum rez specified are saved so if you reload the luncher you haven't to rewriite them
* lunching lithtech.exe instead avp2.exe whitout single player rez file
* double clicking on a server = retrive players list ( not always working, cheking it)

knows bug :
* sorting by ppl don't use human sorting but computers sorting

AVP2 Client

Avp2 Client

this is only beta and now not working "INFO" buttons, and is SLOW AS HELL!
i think.. i remove link to master server and add manually servers, and refresh it manually in config every week, this is sufficient for 25 online servers
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An alternative to Master Server Patch
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