Long dead remains of a Clan once prospered within a video game that is as old as time itself. Yar.
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 AJL Mod Experimental Idea

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PostSubject: AJL Mod Experimental Idea   Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:58 pm

Im trying To make a Patch that No One can hack Added with the 1.4 Patch.
IN EVERY SERVER, There is atleast 1 Hacker, flying, morphing to NPC's and queens and stuff, shooting 10 rockets per knife swing, invincibility, speed, aimbot, even crashing servers, AJL mod blocks all that, I promise you AvP2 is a ridiculous excuse for a game. In AJL mod, Hacks are blocked.

ALL I know about "Hacking" on AvP2, is you need a program called, XXXSEARCH, and if you run it at the same time as AJL it crashes the game, so therefor it is impossible to hack on AJL mod.

And its not really "Hacks" they just still call it that, not many real hackers play AvP, their called "Script Kiddies" who download stuff and cheat.

Unless you wanna play with NOTHING but 'Script Kiddies' Dont Play AvP2 Regular.

There are like 5 servers on reg avp, advertising sites on how to cheat, and everyones going there and cheating is taking over the game. So... Never expect to see me playing reg avp again.

If there were no hackers I still wounded host a server due to lame spammers and complaining non-stop of every kill you make.
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#1 Spammer

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PostSubject: Re: AJL Mod Experimental Idea   Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:56 pm

I thought there was some hack checker.O.o in |RSC| servers.
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AJL Mod Experimental Idea
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