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 Who da **** choosed the mp maps in surviver server???

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PostSubject: Who da **** choosed the mp maps in surviver server???   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:47 am

ps.:i know the headline looks like a troll title but plz read further and you get my intention ^^

Hey Raptors,
so thats it guys i ve longly tolerated the map-playlist but i cant stand it any longer !
I mean who have added those absolutey crap maps like:

fury No
hangar Evil or Very Mad
alesserfate pale

to the playlist???

Every time these maps are taken for next game, the majority of gamers leave !
And i can understand it coz when you play for expl: hangar with all weaps and all camping in the vents (i m not against camping in surv) the aliens have no chance to sneak in coz aliens cant pounce in)


the fury map is allmost mirrored means the half of the map was doubled and put together, so you never know where the marines meeting btw there are no real base spots in there ! This map is the one where everybody is leaving

and it goes on

Yeah ok this map have some good openworld aspects but other maps have muchg more of it (verloc,compound etc)
and there is also no real base spot where all marines can stay.

so why raptor why Sad

why do you put ts pod from the maplist ( i have not played it for a while so i thought/think its erased)
this one have a nice gameplay fluid coz every marine tries to reach the top elevater and shoot out of it like a bunker from starcraft (i love the game ^^)

i ve spoken to a lot of people and what a surpise every player and i mean every player fully agrees with me.

so think about it
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PostSubject: Re: Who da **** choosed the mp maps in surviver server???   Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:49 am

I literally just fixed the map list yesterday, took our fury, added pods... I'll go in now and change again, no matter to me...Even though I love hanger myself!!

And btw.... If half these pansy arse marines learned how to aim...especially with all weapons, they wouldn't need to camp together like a bunch of rats. =P
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Who da **** choosed the mp maps in surviver server???
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