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Long dead remains of a Clan once prospered within a video game that is as old as time itself. Yar.
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 Darkstorm's DM_Vents

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PostSubject: Darkstorm's DM_Vents   Darkstorm's DM_Vents I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 10:31 am

Ok, well, its been 3 weeks! In the making, Ive cut bits out, changed bits, accidently deleted parts, lost my work, got it back Smile And now, it is finally here, Ladies and gentlemen, I give you; DM_Vents!
For beta Testing Smile:


[g][s]Pred base:[/s][/g]

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 212tulk

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 2dme05y

[g][s]Alien Hive (Mostly courtesy of Lone Warrior):[/s][/g]

Darkstorm's DM_Vents Avt20l

Darkstorm's DM_Vents Sct9ua

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 2niw2lu

[s][g]A vent:[/g][/s]

Darkstorm's DM_Vents Tajus7

[s][g]Marine & Corps bases:[/g][/s]

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 2s980zn

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 30vkqjp

Darkstorm's DM_Vents F05idw

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 282p7o2

Darkstorm's DM_Vents B697hs

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 10zoilf

[s][g]Corridor Between Human armouries:[/g][/s]

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 1674kz8

Darkstorm's DM_Vents 20sw2fq

Thats all, Just a small map, for Masacre Smile


Took cameras out becuase i found out that when one person views it, it shows it to everyone.

This map works on all Game types apart from Evac and is designed to be a TDM/DM. The weapons and Ammo boxes in the weapon racks and on the benches in The marine,Corps and Pred bases only show in DM and TDM. There are Ammo boxes by the door in each base, not Pred or alien(I might add ammmo boxes for pred actualy now i thought about it! lol) That only show in Survivor.

Each Class has 16 spawns in their bases.

Thats about it for notes Smile

Enjoy my map, It was alot of hard work, I ran into many many problems which i managed to fix, I worked hard on this, Enjoy it everyone Smile.

P.S After beta testing a plaque will be added With the names of everyone who helped; Denu, the beta testers, Lone warrior, Shiverfrost.


FOR NON-UMP2 USERS: Copy the rez file into your AvP2 Directory and add the command line: -rez DM-Vents2.rez Into your game.

I figured out why you had to put it on its own, becuase it doesnt work if A Map pack is installed, so in most cases, UMP2, I will try get this fixed, for now, don't use UMP2 while trying to use this map, sorry Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Darkstorm's DM_Vents   Darkstorm's DM_Vents I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 5:53 pm

kick ass
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Darkstorm's DM_Vents
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