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Long dead remains of a Clan once prospered within a video game that is as old as time itself. Yar.
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 Spain plays Today!!!!! And Spain WON!!! 1-0

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Spain plays Today!!!!! And Spain WON!!! 1-0 Empty
PostSubject: Spain plays Today!!!!! And Spain WON!!! 1-0   Spain plays Today!!!!! And Spain WON!!! 1-0 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 3:43 pm

Well it's time to support one of 3 native lands (Mexico failed me and Panama never had enter in a world cup cause: IDK) So i hope Spain can win cuz i will be shamed x3 and that's no good stuff for the Universal man (ME). I expect ur support or i will kill Ronald McDonald and his Burgers or another stuff that Could Damage the world.
PS: Who remember this?
Before marriage:

HE: Yes, finally. How hard was expected.
She: You want me?
He: NO! Do not even think.
She: Do you love me?
HE: Of course, again and again
She: Can I have ever been unfaithful?
HE: No! How dare you even ask that?
She: Do you kiss me?
HE: In every chance you get
She: Do you dare to beat me?
HE: Are you crazy? I'm not that type of person
She: Can I can trust you?
HE: Yes
She: My love!

After Marriage:
Read from the bottom up
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Spain plays Today!!!!! And Spain WON!!! 1-0
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