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Long dead remains of a Clan once prospered within a video game that is as old as time itself. Yar.
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 All Species Skins (Except Corporates)

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PostSubject: All Species Skins (Except Corporates)   All Species Skins (Except Corporates) I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 19, 2009 2:46 pm

Well, I know it's been a while, but by request, I made a green alien health bar. It's a little more flashy than the one in primal hunt, you can see a screeny.
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Greenh

Bladepredator (skin for predator)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Blade All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Blade2

This is the newest elite ground troop of the predator empire. The bladepredator has titanium armor, extremely light and yet strong. It has been equiped with the latest predator combat mask, with improved abilities. The skin of the bladepredator is of the same type as that of the hunter predator (see below) , and provides excellent camouflage. This predator is mostly strategically used in battles versus many xenomorph creatures.

9thcmd Exo (skin for exosuit)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Exo

The new enhanced Exosuit used By USCM

Scoutsniper (skin for ichiro - sniper)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Scout

The scout has lighter clothes than the regular sniper, and they also provide more camouflage. The snipermask in game has been changed too.

Cavepredator (skin for heavy predator)

All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Cavepred

In the time of the ancient predator empire, there was a terrible reign named Gham'Rath. He revoked many of the predator laws (like hunting seasons, hunting restrictions and hunting fees) , because he was obsessed by hunting. Some of the ancient predators did not agree with this new system, where predators became honourless beasts, that hunted only for sport. Gham'Rath was furious and banished the revolting predators to the caves of a planet now known as LV-304. Hence the name Cave Predators. The cave predators lived stealthy, not seeking war of arguement with any race in the universe. But after Gham'Rath's death (which was, ironically, a hunting accident) some of them got tired of living in these primitive caves and left the renegades, to go back to the capital and beg to be accepted again. They were allowed to stay in the pred society, but did not get certain privileges (such as wielding plasma weapons). Those preds are commonly known as the heavy preds.
But a great part of the cave predators was too proud to return to the capital, and stayed in the caves, and there they remain to this day.... The bloody handprints of foes that were begging for their life at their feet cover their chestplates...

Blueeyedpredalien (skin for predalien)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Blue
A genetically engineered predalien, equiped with the predator marine vision and deadly enhanced claws, you really don't want to meet this 1 in a dark alley...

2obo_runner (skin for runner)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) 2obo
A completely artificial runner, made out of stainless steel, and with deadly sharp claws. This is the latest horrible creation of the Weyland Corporation.

Swamp-predalien (skin for predalien)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Swamppredalien
After an attempt of the corporation to whipe out the preds by dropping facehuggers on one of their planets, LV-306 (a planet with many swamps, a loved hunting place for predators) is now swarming with a new form of predaliens.

Scorpionskin (skin for drone)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Scorp
This alien is mostly found in the jungle. It's venom is as deadly as that of the black mamba, for it is mixed with the famous alien acid...
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) SCORPIONSKIN

Hunter Predator (skin for light predator)
All Species Skins (Except Corporates) Hunterpred
The name speaks for itself...the ultimate hunter, a light pred with special velvet-like clothing, which is even harder to see in the shadows...
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All Species Skins (Except Corporates)
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