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 DetailTex Enchantment (1.0)

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DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) Empty
PostSubject: DetailTex Enchantment (1.0)   DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 29, 2009 4:33 pm

This is my first big mod. What did I done ? Original mipmaps of the DetailTextures ware very blurred, so on long range distances they ware barely visible. I remake almost all of them, so now they are now much more visible and sharp. In some places Detail Textures ware missing, so I add them there. The result is on the screens.

The mod affects multi player and single player maps.
DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 77360_1DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 77360_2DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 4DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 77360_4DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 77360_5DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 77360_6DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 8DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 9DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 77360_9DetailTex Enchantment (1.0) 77360_10


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DetailTex Enchantment (1.0)
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