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 Help with installing mods

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Help with installing mods Empty
PostSubject: Help with installing mods   Help with installing mods I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 2:51 pm

Okay so I'm new to both this forum and the avp2 community so Hi all I'm LoneWolf and i come from Australia but my point is i need help installing a few mods i goT two to work but not the others the two that do work work i put in bold below any help would be greatly appreciated even if it doesn't work out so here is my command line if you need it

-rez custom\asc.REZ -rez custom\BLOODBITE.REZ -rez custom\FLAMETHROWER.REZ -rez custom\NEWNIGHTVISION.REZ

p.s. Some people have asked what mods they are so i have put them below with descriptions

asc ( A new sniper scope ) newnightvision ( A new night vision ) flamethrower ( this is one that does work and it just improves the look of the flame on the flame thrower ) and bloodbite ( this is the other one that works it just puts blood on an aliens teeth during headbites)

Thanks again LoneWolf

Edit: okay i have once again fixed another problem i found out how to use mods in neos conecter but there are still two mods not working properly the sniper one and the night vision one the sniper one works but i cant see anything as if it has a lens cap on the scope or something
Shocked and as for the night vision it is supposed to clear it up a bit but it just makes it way worse and i cant see a thing now the site i downloaded them from (fileplanet of course) had screen shots and good comments so they must work properly so i doubt you guys will have an answer to this one but it's worth a try...

Thanks once again LoneWolf

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Help with installing mods
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