Long dead remains of a Clan once prospered within a video game that is as old as time itself. Yar.
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 Global Ambient Lights

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Genesis R


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PostSubject: Global Ambient Lights   Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:51 pm

A question for all you mappers out there:

How does the AmbientLight command work? (World>World Info) Are the three numbers RGB numbers, or the position?


AmbientLight 10 15 20;
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PostSubject: Re: Global Ambient Lights   Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:54 pm

I tried to do mapping once, Im a noob at it but if you allready know, let me explain, its colours. Red, Blue and White I think. Dont remember lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Global Ambient Lights   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:22 pm

RGB:Red green blue,i think they are the RGB nubmbers
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PostSubject: Re: Global Ambient Lights   

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Global Ambient Lights
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