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Long dead remains of a Clan once prospered within a video game that is as old as time itself. Yar.
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 Rules - Updated 7/22/2010

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Rules - Updated 7/22/2010 Empty
PostSubject: Rules - Updated 7/22/2010   Rules - Updated 7/22/2010 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 6:32 pm

The Raptor Guidelines and Rules

These rules may be updated at any time, so it is YOUR responsibility to read them and know them.


You will not:

Harass other members, or flame etc
. - Friendly teasing and stuff are alright, but if you feel that you or someone else is being harassed or upset, you can contact any of the administration and we will help you out. We do allow FRIENDLY flame wars, but to a certain extent.

Log into other peoples accounts. - This will NOT be tolerated and punishment will be a 7 days suspension, doing it again will double it, then triple it etc. if we do not ban you permanently then. Logging into another persons account is fine if the owner of the account allows you to. But the owner is responsible for their account, so be careful who you give your pass to.

Hack the forum or attempt to hack the forum.
Doing this will result in an IP ban, and permanent banishment from the clan if you are a member.

Post pornographic media (Videos, Pictures, etc.), doing this will result in a 5 day suspension from the forums.

Bump old threads - Unless you have something to contribute.

Ok, more rules, but without the "You Will not"

Respect the staff and leaders

Let staff handle things - Don't try doing our job for us, just sit back and relax while we do all the work.

The staff also have the final say in things - That means you will listen to the admins and leaders when they tell to do, or not to do something. Not listening will mean you are cited for "Insubordination" which could lead to a suspension.

Read stickied topics, they are useful and may have an answer to the question you are just about to post.

Post in the appropriate forum.


Membership rules:

You must stay active unless posting a Leave of Absence. If you don't post a Leave of Absence, you will have 2 months before you are dismissed from the clan, you are able to re-apply again however.

Disciplinary actions that will be taken.

Harassment of other members:

1st offense - A warning

2nd offense - week suspension from the forums

3rd offense - possible banishment from the clan or longer suspension

Hacking the forum or attempting to hack the forum

1st offense - Permanent banishment from the clan, and an IP ban.

Posting pornographic media

1st offense - 5 days suspension from the forums

2nd offense - 10 days suspension from the forums

3rd offense - Banned from the clan and forums

Raptor Hierarchy




SniperVolcom - Desolate

Jinzo - XenoVC - The Rock


These rules were just typed and MAY be updated frequently in case we have forgotten some things. I guess in-game rules need to be made still, if any leader wants to do that for me, go ahead. Leaders are also allowed to edit this post to make additions.

Thank you
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Rules - Updated 7/22/2010
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