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 AVP Gold Fix for ( XP and Vista )

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AVP Gold Fix for ( XP and Vista ) Empty
PostSubject: AVP Gold Fix for ( XP and Vista )   AVP Gold Fix for ( XP and Vista ) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 05, 2009 11:26 am

The setup of the Patch/Fix can be a little confusing. To run this fix, just add the file to your main AVPG folder, don't delete anything. Create a shortcut to this file you just downloaded (the .exe) and add it to your desktop, or however you run your programs and applications. Once this is done, right click on said shortcut and under "Compatibility" make sure that under "Compatibility Mode" the box is checked and the dropdown list is selected as "Windows 98 / Windows ME".

The game will now be compatible with XP and Vista, and will run with most modern Graphics and Sound Drivers.


How to fix AvP 1 Gold/Standard Sound Looping, Graphical and Crashing Issues on WinXP and Vista/Win7

Graphical Corruption with NVIDIA DX9, ATI DX10 and NVIDIA DX10 hardware runing Vista/Win7 or WinXp,

How to Fix it:
1: Download MyAvP.exe. AvP Standard Edition users must extract english.txt from the archive, rename it to language.txt and place it in your main AvP folder.
2: Upgrade to the latest Microsoft DX9 version before using this patch. YES, EVEN IF YOU HAVE VISTA, Win7 32 or 64. YOU STILL NEED TO UPGRADE YOUR DX9. Failure to upgrade to the latest dx9 will result in "MISSING d3dx9_38.dll ERROR"
3: Unzip MyAvP.exe to the main AvP folder, double-click on MyAvP.exe to start the game.

It is absolutely the best patch to date, resolving graphical corruption, compatibility, stability with all DX10 and DX9 cards (ATI & NVIDIA) running Windows Vista/Win7, and WinXP. Please keep in mind that it is currently in BETA stage (Work in Progress), some features may not work properly yet. For more info, bug report and updates from sirlemonhead
please visit http://forumplanet.gamespy.com/tech_support/b49029/19799417/p1/?115
BIG THANKS to sirlemonhead for this patch! hugs

Alternative fix for AvP 1 Gold/Standard with NVIDIA DX9 Video Cards on a Windows XP.

"Black screen" aka "Trailing Lights" or “Your 3D Hardware does not have enough memory to run in this resolution or bit-depth. Please select a lower setting" ERROR.

How to Fix it:
Upgrade to ForceWare Release 163.75. Do not use latest NVIDIA drivers with your DX9 card. Latest drivers will cause severe game slowdowns.
WinXP http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_163.75.html
WinXP x64, Server 2003 x64 http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp64_163.75.html

AVP Gold users can use AVP Gold patch. This patch however will not work with AvP Standard Edition.
BIG THANKS to blueshogun96 for this Patch! hugs
For more info on AvP Gold Patch please visit http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=9382&view=findpost&p=207581

After the intro movies the sound loops and never stops:

How to Fix it:
Simply replace binkw32.dll in your main AvP Directory.

Next step is not really necessary, but give it a try if you have stability issues.
Right click on avp.exe and set compatibility mode to Win95 or Win98. It will make AVP more stable. You will have to play with different modes in order to fined witch is more effective.
Important to remember:
Compatibility mode will limit AvP game to 1280x1024 resolution.

Happy Hunting
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AVP Gold Fix for ( XP and Vista )
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