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 Vista and Mac OS Problems: Solves

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Vista and Mac OS Problems: Solves Empty
PostSubject: Vista and Mac OS Problems: Solves   Vista and Mac OS Problems: Solves I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2009 3:00 pm

Compatibility for older games on 64-bit is usually luck of the draw, but most of the games i've run work fine or have decent emulation. Although I do like Vista 64-bit after ~2 years running, Windows 7 is just around the corner and worth considering waiting for if the beta is any indication

Text Problems:
Ok I found out how to get rid of your text problem in AvP2 with Vista.

1. Right-Click your desktop and go to Personalize
2. Click on Window Color and Appearance.
3. Click on "Open classic appearance properties for more options".
4. Click on Effects.
5. Switch "ClearType" for "Standard" in the drop-down menus.

Enjoy AvP2 on Vista!!


This brings me to THE one negative point of this game. Even though Omni worked hard to rewrite pieces of the code to make it run well on the Mac, the engine still has some bugs that definitely should have been eliminated.
First of all, the game tends to get slower and slower the longer you play, up to the point of being absolutely unplayable (and I mean unplayable as in "less than 1 frame per second", not 15), no matter how fast your machine is. The only remedy for this intolerable behavior is to quit and restart the game.
Aparently the problem is a memory issue and particularly people with little installed physical RAM will run into this problem much faster, than the ones with lots of RAM. Another problem occurs when switching vision modes (the predator has 4, the marine 2 or 3, depending on how you define it, and the alien has 2). While the nastiest bug with the secondary alien vision mode has been fixed in the patch to, there are still remaining issues with the nightvision mode of the marine not working properly, being too bright and not switching back properly to normal vision when turned on, and similar problems with the predators electrical view mode not displaying textures properly. While these are relatively minor issues, they do impact the enjoyability of the game quite a bit, which is a real pity. Last but not least, the game occasionally fails to quit and crashes, sometimes even the Finder, at least on my system running OS X 10.2.8 (the latest build).

Aliens vs Predator 2 v1.0.9.6 for mac:

Bugs and fixes:

• Fixes rendering errors on loading screen.
• Fixes alien night vision.
• Fixes 'Collateral Damage' level crash.
• Allows a message to appear when incorrectly configuring the 'AVP2 serv' application

Mac OS X Only
• Aliens vs Predator 2

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Vista and Mac OS Problems: Solves
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