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Long dead remains of a Clan once prospered within a video game that is as old as time itself. Yar.
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 AvP2 Hell's Gate Map

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PostSubject: AvP2 Hell's Gate Map   AvP2 Hell's Gate Map I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2009 3:08 pm

AvP2 Hell's Gate (v 1.0) Download

A lucky find by an archeological research survey team has resulted in the valuable discovery of a cave in a lightly forested canyon. Inside, the cave they find ruined structures left over from a long departed and forgotten civilisation. Excited at the remarkable discovery, they set up camp and prepare to catalogue and record the findings discovered therein. Having established their base of operations and commencing their meticulous analysis of the excavation site, the archeologists decide to explore further into the depths of the caverness unknown.

Their progress is halted deep underground where they discover a large, reinforced gate that was sealed shut aeons ago. The gate has never been opened and.

The archeologists deduce that the entire ruined structure that they have discovered is actually an abandoned guard-post for a secure and secret underground Keep. They also deduce that the Keep is not only constructed to prevent the entry of intruders but Its reversed layout suggests that it's greater purpose is to hold something unknown securely within. A pair of menacing statues flanking the ancient gate, provide further testimony to the theory that something unearthly and hostile is buried deeply within, behind the barred entrance.

Feeling apprehensive and uncomfortable about this new disquieting discovery of an ancient warning; and expressing doubts about their safety, the archeological team holds quick discussions at their ground-level base of operations. At the cave entrance the decision is made and the situation is regarded to be outside of their professional experience and capacity to deal with such a potential threat. Hastily the team abandons the site, leaving behind much of their equipment.

Wisely, they have left the ancient gate untouched. ...and unopened.

The Archeaological team has since safely left the excavation site and indeed the gate remains unopened - but unfortunately - not forgotten.

Word of the discovery leaks to various Authorities and beuraucratic meetings are held. Official papers are signed; and the Military is despatched to the abandoned dig site to deal with the possible threat that exists in the bowels of the recently discovered cave. What they will find within has the potential to change the world forever.

Can the Marines - with their hi-tech firepower and training - successfully sterilise the dire threat to all of Humanity that hides behind Hell's Gate; or will the Marines unwittingly unleash a menace upon the Earth from which there can be no saviour...?AvP2 Hell's Gate Map 1AvP2 Hell's Gate Map 2AvP2 Hell's Gate Map 3AvP2 Hell's Gate Map 4AvP2 Hell's Gate Map 45661_5t
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AvP2 Hell's Gate Map
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